Mullingar Presbyterian Church meets every Sunday at 11.30am.

Everyone's Welcome!

You'll find us at Raithin, opposite Educate Together National School.

Fresh Look At Christianity

or... losing my religion 

As a Christian church we want to make a pitch for Christianity. For a myriad of reasons the relationship between people in Ireland and Christianity is changing. At best, it's viewed as part of the national consciousness or it provides a framework for rites of passage, at worst... well, you read the papers as much as we do. Many are on the brink of ditching Christianity for good - disillusioned, angry, let down. Maybe you can identify with this.


Before you ditch it, give us a chance to pitch it.

FLAC groups exist for this very purpose. Using the Gospel of Mark from the Bible we engage with the Man Who Is God himself - Jesus Christ - after all, there's no-one better to resort back to if you're going to take a Fresh Look At Christianity. FLAC groups are discussion based; please Contact Us if you want to link in with one.




First Look At Christianity

On the other hand, it may not be a case of a fresh look as much as taking a first look. Christianity might be completely new to you, or it is something you sit very lightly too; a FLAC group could be the very thing worth considering.